Good At What I do

I have a dear friend who is equal parts muse and sparring partner. For as long as I have known him, Thomas has been on the cutting edge of personal refinement and Self-development.  In his more than 20 years of practice as both a healer, teacher and entrepreneur he has had the opportunity of interacting with literally thousands of people. One of the skills he wields so expertly is the ability to draw information out of individuals through his masterful use of insight-inducing questions.  He recently told me that such a question he routinely asks of clients and students is “what makes you good at what you do?”  I found his query to be intriguing and worthy of a well considered response; below is mine –

1. I make me good at what I do.  I have to; no one else can do it for me.

2. My Life experience makes me good at what I do.

3. I am not always good at what I do.  It is beneficial (and Real) to admit one’s shortcomings, failures and weaknesses.  This Self-honesty helps to make me good at what I do.

4. My failures have helped to make me good at what I do.

5. The physical world around me helps to make me good at what I do.  Natural Law is my ally.

6. I am curious.

7. I try to stick to fundamentals.  Far too many people seek the fancy and are fascinated by the complicated.  Showy filigree, however, is always suspect without a solid elemental foundation.  Basics, basics, basics.

8. I value my Time.

9. I strive always to define my priorities and use wisely my power of Choice.

10. I recognize that there is always more.

+ + + + +

So, dear reader, what is it that makes YOU good at what you do?

©Billy Red Horse

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